When I came home to Long Island from college on spring break in March, 1969, I went out to the Hamptons with my sister and mother to visit family there for a few days. On our way back home on Sunday, March 23, we passed through Bay Shore around dusk and stopped for a visit. We met my sister’s new friend, Rita, and her brother, Mark, who was also home from college.

As this was my first visit to Bay Shore, I wanted to walk around and see the area. So while our mothers socialized, the four students went out for a long walk around the neighborhood. To our astonishment, we saw a rare, breathtaking, full-color aurora borealis. The aurora looked like curtains of multicolored light hanging down from the heavens, stretching a hundred miles up into the sky. The next day, the spectacular aurora was reported in 81 newspapers.

When I returned to Bay Shore four months later, I had a six hour out-of-body experience during meditation which shaped the rest of my life. Sages throughout the ages have been at a loss to describe exalted states of being in words. But a picture is worth a thousand words, so why don’t we try that?

Really terrific, top-of-the-line, out-of-body experiences can take many forms, and here is an illustration of one of them. The spiritual being is connected to its body by a silver cord. The being is surrounded on all sides by space (instead of being inside of a solid human body). You can imagine how wonderful this freedom would feel.

A being in this state can have one hundred times its normal level of awareness. To gauge this, think of your current level of awareness-of-awareness as a 100 watt light bulb. What would it feel like to expand your awareness into a 1,000 watt light bulb? How about a 10,000 watt light bulb? See yourself in this picture. Imagine you are the radiant sphere of awareness floating in the space of the room.

As I ascended further from this state, I eventually left the physical universe and became a bubble of awareness floating in a sea of awareness. I was pure awareness inside the bubble, and pure awareness surrounded me outside the bubble. The bubble membrane was my identity as an individual being.

The field of awareness around me extended infinitely in all directions, and it was self-aware. This was Divine Intelligence, the body of God. The physical universe was far below. It looked like a large, sparkling diamond against a backdrop of black velvet.

Although a number of people have managed to get outside the physical universe, few have ever returned. I describe this experience as “ten thousand times more real than anything else in my life,” and it is documented in the manuscript for Cognitive Engineering. It was not a lifetime of pleasure in one night. It was more like a lifetime of pleasure in one moment, and the moment went on for hours.

Body of work

The following body of work arose from this experience:

● A new awareness science for the Third Millennium called cognitive physics.

● A new science for consciously creating brighter future lives called trans-life psychology.

● An A.I. system architecture for carrying knowledge into future lives called trans-life memory systems.

● A computer architecture for building perpetual family, social and business networks called continual networks.

● A new science combining cognitive physics and genetic engineering to elevate human awareness called cognitive engineering.

In all, these are works of extraordinary spiritual power which can accelerate the awakening of humanity.


It was not likely that I would ever witness an aurora at all, as the northern lights are not normally seen in these latitudes. It was even more improbable the aurora I saw would be as magnificent as it was. (News reports called it the most spectacular display in since 1941.) However, thousands of people on Long Island saw the aurora that night, so my sighting, while unlikely, was not unique.

What is unusual is that I saw the aurora on my first visit to Bay Shore, and that my second visit four months later transported me into Divine union. The odds of anyone entering Divine union during a lifetime at this stage in human evolution are remote to say the least. Overlaying the aurora on top of this yields a probability which is astronomical.

Fifty Years Later

A month before the fiftieth anniversary of the aurora, I started planning how to honor the day, as recorded below in my journal on February 24, 2019. I decided I wanted to make a special entry on March 23, 2019 into Iopen (a new manuscript). I also planned to spend the day in gratitude, prayer and meditation.

A month later, when I came downstairs for breakfast on the morning of Saturday, March 23, 2019 — the fiftieth anniversary of the aurora — I told my wife, Rita, I would be taking the day aside as planned. She told me all the major news channels were reporting the aurora was returning that night.

Everything stopped. I stood on the stairs for several minutes, trying to wrap my head around this. The aurora was coming back on the evening of March 23, 2019, fifty years to the day since I witnessed it in Bay Shore on March 23, 1969.

It always seemed to me the March, 1969 aurora was an unmistakable sign foretelling my experience of Divine union in July, 1969 in Bay Shore, and the fact that it returned exactly fifty years later (against odds of 18,250 to 1) left no question in my mind. Heavenly signs at this scale are the stuff of legends.

It could stop there, but it doesn’t. The next day, I decided to relax with a good book, so I picked up my copy of Too Like The Lightening by Ada Palmer, which I had begun reading a few days earlier.

I opened the book to Chapter 2, and was greeted by this:

I am not making this up. As I read this page, I thought back to the morning of March 23rd — the day before — and remembered standing on the stairway thunderstruck by the news of the aurora’s return.

​So let’s add this up.

1. A highly improbable series of events leads me to Divine union on my second visit to Bay Shore on July 13, 1969.

2. My epiphany is foretold by a spectacular aurora on my first visit to Bay Shore on March 23, 1969.

3. On February 24, 2019, I begin planning how to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the aurora.

4. On its fiftieth anniversary, March 23, 2019, the aurora returns.

5. The day after, I open a book to a chapter titled “A Boy and His God” which starts with “We begin on the morning of March the twenty-third…”

What does that add up to? What do you think this means? We would like to hear your ideas.

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